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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Going deep with 9/11: Helen Caldicott, Tom Breidenbach plumb the profundities of the problem

The 9/11 truth movement mostly obsesses with facts. The thing is, we have enough facts already to prove the 9/11 inside job seven ways from Sunday. At some point we need to come to grips with the truly scary question: What does it mean?

The bottom line is that our world is being run by madmen. But what kind of madmen? And how do they maintain their control?

Thursday's radio guest, the legendary anti-nuker Dr. Helen Caldicott (listen here) offered some important insights. She cited research showing that sex and killing provide men with a big release of dopamine, a very pleasurable brain chemical. We discussed psychopaths and sociopaths, who lack normal human inhibitions against killing and lying, and who often gravitate to the top of power hierarchies to attain alpha male status - and thereby win the adoration of hormone-addled females and the submission of the non-alpha males. (In an email, Dr. Caldicott called my article Twilight of the Psychopaths "excellent.") All of this does much to explain the complicity of the power elite in 9/11 -- and in killing the planet in all sorts of other ways.

Then Friday's radio guest, Tom Breidenbach (listen here) discussed 9/11 as a contemporary case of the ages-old practice of ritual human sacrifice. Citing the work of Walter Burkert and René Girard, Breidenbach made the case that ritual human sacrifice is at the core of human cultures in general and Western culture in particular--and that elements of the Western power elite orchestrated 9/11 in minute symbolic detail, as a monstrous and elaborate human sacrifice to inaugurate a new age of empire, unbridled by the moral inhibitions of monotheism.

I am grateful to be able to have conversations like these. Honestly, I don't think you could possibly find a better three hours of conversation about the deep, non-obvious sources of humanity's problems than these two shows. Kudos to Helen and Tom - two brilliant minds and brave spirits.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Terrorism, Hell! Test the First Responders for Witchcraft!

Guest blog post by Cott N. Mather, Under-Assistant Public Relations Executive, Department of Homeland Security

Did you know that the 9/11 health bill requires sick first responders to have their names run through the FBI's terrorism watch list before they can receive treatment?

Checking out sick 9/11 first responders for terrorism was a good start.  But we Homeland Security professionals know that this bill does not go nearly far enough. To fully secure our homeland against its implacable enemies, we need to find out whether any of these supposedly heroic first responders are actually witches in disguise.

To that end, Newt Gangrene (R-GA) has introduced HR-666, a bill that would require ailing first responders to be tested for witchcraft by way of the three time-honored screening devices:  The sink-or-swim test, the pinprick test, and the Lord's Prayer test. Under the bill's provisions, sick first responders would first be tied up in a fetal position with rocks attached to their ankles and thrown in the water. Any who sink to the bottom and drown would be judged innocent and given burial benefits, while those who float would be deemed witches and thus ineligible for health assistance unless they passed the other two tests: Bleeding with sufficient profusion when pricked with a sharp object, and reciting a flawless rendition of the Lord's Prayer.

According to budget projections, taxpayers could save tens of millions of dollars simply by carrying out these simple witchcraft tests on sick first responders. Who could possibly argue with that? After all, what kind of person would want to waste the taxpayers' money on witches? Obviously anyone who opposes this measure is a witch sympathizer if not an out-and-out witch!

By screening first responders for witchcraft, we would also be signaling a shift in strategic direction: The war on terror is out, and the war on witchcraft is in. This strategic shift will bring countless benefits. Among them:

* Credibility. Surveys show that the world no longer believes in the "war on terror." A recent poll found that 89% of Germans doubt the official story of 9/11, and other polls have found similarly high levels of skepticism throughout the world. In fact, polls show the US and Israeli governments are viewed as the two biggest terrorist threats to the planet. Clearly, the whole concept of "terrorism" no longer works. Yet other surveys show that belief in witchcraft -- one of humanity's oldest and most pervasive cultural traits -- persists among a broad cross-section of the world's population. A War on Witchcraft represents a more credible alternative to the failed "War on Terror."

* Scariness. In light of studies showing that people are 30 times more likely to be hit by lightning than to be killed by non-government terrorists, hardly anybody is stupid enough to actually fear terrorism any more. Yet witchcraft still gives many people -- even those who don't consider themselves superstitious -- a thrilling tingle of fear. Would people revolt against carcinogenic naked body scanners if they were told that the purpose was to identify evil, scary witches (by locating the telltale marks on their bodies) rather than to fight the statistically insignificant terrorist "threat"?

* Breadth of reach. One of the great things about the War on Terror -- before people got wise -- was that we could designate just about anybody or any country as a "suspected terrorist" or a "sponsor of terror" and then do just about anything we wanted to them: Kill them, kidnap them, rob them, loot their resources, torture them...you name it! Now that the "terror" concept has run its course, we need to replace it with the even broader and more nebulous concept of witchcraft. Calling people witches, and designating countries as state sponsors of witchcraft, is a piece of cake. Standards of evidence for witchcraft are even lower than those for terrorism: If just about anybody could be labeled a terrorist and tortured, disappeared, or murdered by executive order...well, ANYBODY, PERIOD can be labeled a witch.

Heritage. The war on terror was an anomaly. But "war on witches" is as American as apple pie! As every schoolchild knows, the Salem Witch Trials are right up there with the American Revolution and the Civil War as mythical-historical foundation events in the story of our great country. And because the witch trials came first, it could even be argued that they are THE seminal events in the forging of the American identity. By launching a War on Witchcraft, we would be coming full circle and returning to the core vision of our real founding fathers (such as my own illustrious ancestor).

For all of these reasons and more, I urge you to write your representatives in support of HR-666 and the War on Witchcraft. After all, the spell you help break could be one that has been cast...on you.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jerry Mazza: "Invisible"

A new poem by Jerry Mazza.  For background on Fukushima, check out Anthony Hall's article and interview.  -KB

How the world is enveloped
in an invisible mist of
radiation, blown in
winds around the planet,
glowing veil of death
whose very thought is painful,
shuts my eyes in thinking
of the lives soon lost.
What have the brilliant adults
done to all the children
in the womb or genes,
these here or still to come?
What have these men of wisdom
done in science’s name?
From whom shall love be given
again without this curse?
What is the cleansing agent
of the unseen filth?
Who plants the rose again
without a thorn that kills?
Whose petals are scattered without
stains that sear the flesh
and boil the bones in the blood?
But let me write a song,
an antidote to fill
the memory with beauty,
still transcendent, hovering
like a band of angels
over the world’s bowed heads.
Have faith, they sing, have faith.
This day is Easter’s egg
planted in every heart,
painted on every shell
to nourish eternal hope.
Whose children are the birds
that break the silence singing,
hanging like a million
buds in the invisible?

-Jerry Mazza

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Greg Mortenson: Pathological Liar and War Criminal

Speaking of Debbie Menon - one of my favorite alternative journalists - she recently defended war propagandist Greg Mortenson, America's kinder-and-gentler Joe Goebbels, in an email to Gordon Duff on which I was copied. Mortenson, the zillionaire author of Three Cups of Tea, made his fortune by peddling the Big Lie that Americans are in Afghanistan to educate the benighted Muslim savages and rescue the poor oppressed women from their evil men. Now that Mortenson has been exposed as a pathological liar by 60 Minutes, Debbie (and lots of other brainwashing victims) are having a hard time facing the truth.


Thanks for the great intro to my interview with Kourosh.

Mortenson is peddling a very insidious kind of war propaganda. "Let's build schools for the poor benighted Afghan savages, who hate the evil women-oppressing Taliban as much as we do." Pure BS designed to obscure the only relevant issue: aggression/occupation, the supreme war crime, which obliges all occupied people to militarily resist occupation. How can you build schools for people who are under a moral and perhaps even legal obligation to shoot you?

My mom gave me Mortenson's book as a gift. I swallowed the bile for a couple of years, then sent her this yesterday.


* * *

Hi Mom,

I guess it's time to tell you the truth: I almost puked a few pages into Three Cups of Tea.  And that was before this 60 Minutes exposé proved my BS meter was working.

It's not nice to be ungrateful for gifts. But giving a Muslim Three Cups of Tea is sort of like giving a Jew a book claiming that the the Nazis actually loved Jews and tried their best to help them rise out of their ghettos by building schools for them.

The USA is committing genocide against Muslims and Islam in Afghanistan and all around the world. Three Cups of Tea is not just a stinking mountain of lies - it's holocaust denial.  Here is the reality:

US troops 'kept finger trophies'   http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2010/09/10/us-troops-kept-finger-trophies-115875-22550314/     

US soldiers burn Quran then have fun shooting live rounds at reacting prisoners    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8Q3dOWomVI

The "schools" this pathological liar is building are part of the genocide, like the Indian schools that wiped out Native American culture here. 


From 60 Minutes exposé of Mortensen

Mortenson (in an interview): One of the most compelling experiences I had was in July of '96...I went to the area to find a place to build a school. And what happened is, I got kidnapped by the Taliban for eight days.

The kidnapping story was featured in Three Cups of Tea, and referred to in his follow-up best seller, Stones Into Schools, with a 1996 photograph of his alleged captors.

We managed to locate four men who were there when the photo was taken - two of them actually appear in the picture. All of them insist they are not Taliban and that Greg Mortenson was not kidnapped. They also gave us another photo of the group with Mortenson holding the AK-47.

* * *

Questions over Greg Mortenson's stories

60 Minutes, CBS

He has written inspiring best sellers, including "Three Cups of Tea," but are the stories all true?

Greg Mortenson is a former mountain climber, best-selling author, humanitarian, and philanthropist. His non-profit organization, the Central Asia Institute (CAI), is dedicated to promoting education, especially for girls, in remote parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan, and according to its web site, has established more than 140 schools there.

President Obama donated $100,000 to the group from the proceeds of his Nobel Prize. Mortenson's book, Three Cups of Tea, has sold more than four million copies and is required reading for U.S. servicemen bound for Afghanistan.

But last fall, we began investigating complaints from former donors, board members, staffers, and charity watchdogs about Mortenson and the way he is running his non-profit organization. And we found there are serious questions about how millions of dollars have been spent, whether Mortenson is personally benefiting, and whether some of the most dramatic and inspiring stories in his books are even true.

Greg Mortenson's books have made him a publishing phenomenon and sought-after speaker on the lecture circuit, where he has attained a cult-like status. He regularly draws crowds of several thousand people and $30,000 per engagement.

And everywhere Mortenson goes, he brings an inspirational message built around a story that forms the cornerstone of Three Cups of Tea and his various ventures - how, in 1993, he tried and failed to reach the summit of K2, the world's second tallest mountain, to honor his dead sister, how he got lost and separated from his party on the descent and stumbled into a tiny village called Korphe.

Greg Mortenson (speaking on big T.V. screen): My pants were ripped in half and I hadn't taken a bath in 84 days.

Mortenson (in T.V. interview): And I stumbled into a little village called Korphe, where I was befriended by the people and...

Mortenson (in another T.V. interview): They gave me everything they had: their yak butter, their tea. They put warm blankets over me, and they helped nurse me back to health.

Mortenson tells how he discovered 84 children in the back of the village writing their school lessons with sticks in the dust.

Mortenson (speaking on stage): And when a young girl named Chocho came up to me and said...

Mortenson (speaking on another stage): Can you help us build a school? I made a rash promise that day and I said, "I promise I'll help build a school." Little did I know it would change my life forever.

It's a powerful and heart-warming tale that has motivated millions of people to buy his book and contribute nearly $60 million to his charity.

Jon Krakauer: It's a beautiful story, and it's a lie.

Jon Krakauer is also a best-selling author and mountaineer, who wrote Into Thin Air and Into The Wild. He was one of Mortenson's earliest backers, donating $75,000 to his non-profit organization.

But after a few years, Krakauer says he withdrew his support over concerns that the charity was being mismanaged, and he later learned that the Korphe tale that launched Mortenson into prominence was simply not true.

Steve Kroft: Did he stumble into this village weak in a weakened state?

Krakauer: Absolutely not.

Kroft: Nobody helped him out. And nursed him back to health.

Krakauer: Absolutely not. I have spoken to one of his companions, a close friend, who hiked out from K2 with him and this companion said Greg never heard of Korphe till a year later.

Strangely enough, Krakauer's version of events is backed up by Greg Mortensen himself, in his earliest telling of the story. In an article he wrote for the newsletter of The American Himalayan Foundation after his descent from K2, Mortenson makes no mention of his experience in Korphe, although he did write that he hoped to build a school in another village called Khane.

Full 60 minutes story: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/04/15/60minutes/main20054397.shtml

Monday, April 18, 2011

Debbie Menon introduces my Veteran's Today interview

More than once I've discussed with Debbie Menon the pros and cons of being a self-styled truth jihadi. She was initially skeptical, but seems to have warmed to the concept. Below is her introduction to today's Veteran's Today interview. -KB

Veterans Today

A thoroughly effective interview by Kourosh Ziabari  with Kevin Barrett. 

by -Debbie Menon, MyCatbirdSeat.com

Kevin might have gained a bit more credibility with the great unbelieving kafir American public if he had left out some of his religious zeal for "jihad," and not turned the work into some religious crusade, but his thrusts at the press, the public blindness and failure to "believe," the way they treat hard truths, and the duplicity of the officialdom as well as the false and non-evidence involved in the story of 9-11, are all to the point, and effective thrusts to the heart of the matter.

Altogether, though, quite effective.

As tiring as it has become lately, to keep reading the same thing, as if reading on a literary treadmill, I really enjoyed reading this one.

Kevin wrote:

"I make fun of myself by using hyperbole (exaggeration) in order to play the role of the 'crazy radical jihadi for truth.' What is most hilarious, and most deeply serious, is that this 'crazy radical jihadi' character I’m playing, like King Lear’s fool, is the only sane character in the play, the only one who understands and tells the whole, painful truth. The humor makes my uncompromisingly honest message palatable for Western audiences. As the saying goes, 'If you tell the truth, make it funny or they’ll kill you.'"

He is right! He is a scholar of the arts and he is deadly serious in what he says, and what he is doing. Comedy in the performing arts was developed and evolved in Greece. The Greek theater employed what is known as the chorus, which are the voices offstage, or in the pits who speak the "voice of the people, or the "voice of reason," the truth. 

Roman art, which mimicked Greek arts without contributing much, eventually evolved the role of the clown or the fool in comedy as a replacement of the chorus. 

The Clown, or the Fool, eventually migrated to Europe and into English and modern theater as the spokesman of truth  and reason, in a theater and a world fraught with darkness, fraud, deception, untruth and deceit, all of the peculiarities  of man which we find so ignoble.

His role was perfected by Shakespeare in  the personae of so many well-known characters, the Clown,The Fool, The Buffoon.

Of particular note is the Fool of King Lear, to which Barrett refers.... perhaps the most famous of them all, who foresaw the folly and fatal consequences of Lear's erroneous and misplaced trust and belief in the protestations of love and the flattery of his daughters and their husbands, while rejecting the simple plain but unflattering protestation of love of his youngest, Cordelia.

The Clown or the Fool has long been used in drama critical of the despotic regimes, where the playwright may claim some degree of impunity behind the thin veil and facade of comedy and farce, yet still get the message across, and into the minds of the public, while providing his Monarch with little hard evidence  upon which to hang him.

It is extremely effective, and serves the same function in satire, and other dramatic forms which we see daily, on mainly American TV.

Its use follows the principle of "teaching"  that it is better and more effective to present the material of the lesson in such a manner that you are not preaching or teaching, but laying out the evidence in such a manner that the student cannot fail but to learn from it, himself, and still get the intended "lesson." 

To use a simple metaphor, it is best to give a hungry man seeds and tools with which to grow his own crops, than it is to run a farm and feed him.

Farming and feeding is what Kings, Dictators and Masters do.  The subjects then follow the meat wagon.

I recall, once, in a "drawing class," the instructor insisted that we learn to, "...not try to sketch the object," but to "outline the space around it."  There are two ways to draw a thing, and there are two ways to learn a thing.

Barrett knows what he is doing.

Friday, April 15, 2011

You are cordially invited to vomit up some beer on Michael Shermer

9/11 official story propagandist Michael Shermer isn't a real professor - he just plays one on TV. But that doesn't stop the phony "skeptic" from falsely advertising himself as "Adjunct Professor of Economics, Claremont University" - a clear-cut case of academic fraud. Since Anthony Hall (a real professor and accomplished historian) exposed the fake "Professor of Economics" last year, Shermer has apparently been disinvited from top-tier universities like the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he put on his pathetic vaudeville swindle last year. (Watch Anthony Hall and Joshua Blakeney confront and expose Shermer here.)

Now Shermer is performing at small-time campuses - check out his speaking gig this evening at the University of Wisconsin - Rock County this evening. But in Madison, it seems that the only kind of venue that will let him in the door is a public house. In an eternal disgrace to the honor of the Irish, Shermer will be allowed to drown his sorrows today, 2 to 3:30 p.m. at the Brocach Irish Pub (upstairs) 7 W. Main St. in Madison. I would be there, vomiting a putrid stream of non-alcoholic Guinness chunked with colorful insults in his general direction, were it not for my radio show duties.

Shermer will again be swilling at a public trough after his Janesville gig - at a joint called the "Speakeasy Lounge."  Check out the emailed announcement below for details.

Please confront this academic fraudster and impresario of evil!

The meetup.com announcement:

Michael Shermer + Guinness = Great way to spend Friday afternoon

  Friday, April 15 2:00-3:30 p.m.   Brocach Irish Pub (upstairs) 7 W. Main St. Madison, WI  53703   Contact for more info: Ingrid Laas at iklaas64@yahoo.com or 608-772-4756.   Are you a Madison-area skeptic? Do you like a Guinness now and then? And do you have a bit of free time Friday afternoon? Then here's an event that might interest you!   Dr. Michael Shermer (www.michaelshermer.com) is passing through town on his way to a speaking engagement in Janesville. Nicely enough, he thought that hanging out at Brocach Irish Pub (upstairs) and shooting the breeze with other skeptics would be a great way to spend part of the afternoon in Madison.   While hanging out with us, he'll fill us in a bit about his new book – “The Believing Brain” – that is coming out in May, future media appearances and events, and will be available to sign books (if you bring them).   NOTE: If you can’t join us then (but wish you could), you might want to consider seeing him talk about "Why People Believe Weird Things" in Janesville Friday evening. The lecture is open to the public, but there is a $5 charge for non-students. See this link for complete info: www.rock.uwc.edu/events/detail.asp?id=2523   BONUS: Those interested in socializing after Janesville’s talk can also join us for a bit more "shooting the breeze" with Michael at The Speakeasy Lounge & Restaurant, 19 North High Street, in Janesville (www.gospeakeasylounge.com).   Questions? Shoot me (Ingrid) an e-mail at iklaas649(at)yahoo.com, or give me a call at --- --- ----. Hope to see some of you Friday!

Please Note: If you hit "REPLY", your message will be sent to everyone on this mailing list (skeptics-191@meetup.com)
This message was sent by John Rummel (darksky2500@gmail.com) from Madison Skeptics.
To learn more about John Rummel, visit his/her member profile

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scooping the Peacock

On Tuesday, April 5th I broke the story on my radio show (with a little help from EddieLeaks.org): Federal Judge John Walker, a cousin of former President George W. Bush, apparently sees no conflict of interest sitting in judgment on a case alleging that his cousin's administration orchestrated the 9/11 attacks!  The story - amazingly enough - was picked up by CNBC two days later.

April Gallop's attorney William Veale sounded stunned as he spoke to me shortly after leaving the courtroom on Tuesday: "You know, every day, life gets more interesting... They don't give you the names of the (three federal judges) who are going to be on the panel until five days before the actual argument. We learned last Thursday that one of the individuals who was going to be on the panel was a judge by the name of John M. Walker. That didn't mean anything to me at the time. And so I made some phone calls around. And I learned from two different independent sources that John Walker is a cousin of George W. Bush...so I wrote a motion to disqualify Judge Walker, because I didn't think he had any business sitting in judgment on a case which is going to call his entire family's name into question, and his cousin's administration into question, by saying the most horrible things about them. So I didn't think this was something a family member should be called upon to do, and I didn't think it would be helpful to history to have this blemish, that this case was judged by a family member...so I made the motion (to disqualify Judge Walker). And today, when the case was called, I was expecting them to rule on the motion. And they didn't say anything. They just started to hear the argument. And I said, wait a minute, there's a motion pending before the court. And they said 'That motion will be denied.'" Veale then requested a continuance to seek appellate review of the court's ruling, which was also denied.

Judge John Walker is apparently so far above the law that he can sit in judgment on a case alleging that his cousin's administration committed the worst crime in US history. I guess that's not surprising from a guy who can kill a cop and walk. (The officer's dying words were probably "so sorry I got in your way, Judge Walker sir! I hope this doesn't inconvenience you!")

The Bush family, of course, is notorious for its above-the-law shenanigans. From George H.W. Bush's apparent participation in the murder of President John F. Kennedy, to his orchestration of the Watergate coup d'etat (both discussed in Russ Baker's impecable, thoroughly documented Family of Secrets), to the Bush Family Business of CIA drug smuggling, to Marvin Bush's apparent murder of his housekeeper (to shut her up about 9/11?),  to H.W.'s treasonous "October Surprise" coup d'etat against President Carter, to W's habit of bringing boy prostitutes into the White House to spend the night with him (a propensity he apparently shares with his father), to his watching the first plane hit on 9/11 on an NSA close-circuit channel, and later wiring the White House with another closed-circuit channel on which he could watch Guantanamo-style sex torture sessions live for his (and Jeff Gannon's?) entertainment (both stories broken by Wayne Madsen)....I guess nothing the Bush/Walker family does should surprise us.


Monday, April 4, 2011

I am a fearless Wisconsin truth-teller...

...Not a holocaust denier.  That was an April Fool's joke. Right? Right!?  Hey c'mon Rabinowitz, I thought you people were supposed to have a sense of humor ; - )

Fearless  California truth-teller Allen Roland joins the academic freedom debate:  


Dr Kevin Barrett is a voice of truth in a sea of deceit and his lonely battle with the University of Wisconsin represents the universal battle of the truth against the embedded forces of political power and hypocrisy... (full article here)

Friday, April 1, 2011

I Am a Holocaust Denier

Thoughts on Youtube's banning of Anthony Lawson's latest video, based on a vague complaint from an apparently nonexistent person.

April 1st, 2011

Today is as good a day as any to admit it: I am a holocaust denier.

I deny that the US military's slaughter of two million Muslims as revenge for 9/11, funded by my family's and friends' and neighbors' tax dollars, constitutes a holocaust.

I deny that the Zionist genocide of Palestine constitutes a holocaust.

I deny that the European settlers' genocide of tens of millions of Native Americans, perpetrated by some of my own ancestors, constitutes a holocaust.

I deny that the mass murder of tens of millions of Africans in the New World slave trade, perpetrated by some of my own ancestors, constitutes a holocaust.

I deny that the firebombings of German cities including Dresden, and the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, constitute holocausts.

And I deny that the German murders of Gypsies, Slavs, handicapped people, communists, Jews, and others during World War II constitutes a holocaust.

The root meaning of the word holocaust is "a religious sacrifice consumed by fire." There is nothing religious about the mass murders listed above, or the dozens of other similar episodes. God doesn't want us to mass-murder our fellow human beings.

I deny that these and other stupid, evil mass murders have any religious significance whatsoever. I deny that histories of these mass murders are sacred in any way. I deny that any of these episodes of mass murder or genocide somehow justify other episodes of mass murder or genocide. I deny that the people who question historical details of any of these stories are heretics. I deny that they should be silenced or jailed.

I guess that makes me a holocaust denier. So go ahead: Burn me at the stake.

In the minds of witch-burners, there is something sacred about burning people at the stake. Especially people like me.

What can you say about people like that? "Say to the unbelievers: I do not worship what you worship, and you do not worship what I worship.  I do not worship what you worship. And you do not worship what I worship. To you your religion, and to me my religion." (Qur'an 109).